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OOG special container (OUT OF GAUGE) is to refer to in addition to general dry containers can be used to load other transportation process or packaging has special requirements of other special containers, its speciality is mainly reflected in refrigerated [Refrigerated Container] function; available to receive the ultra-high cargo [Open Top Container] function; available to receive the ultra-wide ultra-high cargo [Frame Container] function; available to receive the livestock [livestock container] function; available to receive a variety of liquids [Tank Container] function; available to receive the vehicle [Car Container] function; available to receive the clothing [Dress-hanger Container] function; available to receive the large-scale equipment [Flat Rack Container] function.

The principle difference between special containers and general dry containers is that there is no fixed way of calculating the tariff for special containers, because it involves the actual operation of each terminal and transshipment port as well as the situation of cabin space in low and peak seasons. Moreover, the equipment of OOG special containers is limited, and we have to consider whether there are any empty containers on the basis of freight rate. Since OOG special containers take up too much space, in the case of full space, the tariff will change greatly, so it is necessary to leave a reasonable space at the quotation stage.

China Sea Intl can undertake the transportation of various kinds of over-size cargoes, cargoes with temperature requirements and different forms of cargoes according to the request of customers, among which we have considerable advantages in open-top container, flatbed container and framed container, and we are capable of dealing with part of the relevant documents on behalf of customers, as well as on-site supervision of loading and other operations, so as to provide customers with all-around and integrated services to meet the demands of different customers for the transportation of different cargoes.


Flat Rack Container, also known as frame container, is a kind of container without box top and side wall, put down the two ends of the baffle is also known as the flat rack. The bottom plate of the frame container is thicker, and there is no roof and side walls, so it is suitable for loading and unloading larger and heavier goods from the top and sides, and the width and height of the goods can be beyond the cabinet. Generally cargo width of 4.5 meters or less, height of 4 meters or less shipping companies can be accepted. As the frame cabinet is not a sealed case, if the goods need to be made waterproof and moisture-proof, it is necessary to pack the goods well with waterproof packaging, so as not to cause damage to the goods due to moisture during transportation. Frame cabinets can also be put down at both ends of the baffle to load in the form of flatbed cabinets, as long as the goods do not block the frame cabinets at both ends of the lifting point (lifting point spacing of 2.08 meters). Generally the length of 15 meters or less is acceptable to the shipping company.


Open top container is a kind of container with open top, other components are similar to dry cargo container. Because of the different material of the top, it is divided into hard open top and soft open top. The top of hard open top is a piece of removable steel box top, at present only a very few shipping companies can provide services; soft open top is composed of multiple removable beams and collapsible canvas, at present the vast majority of shipping companies can provide services. Open top containers are suitable for loading large and tall cargoes and heavy cargoes which need to be loaded and unloaded vertically and the height of the cargoes can exceed the top of the container. Generally cargo height of 4 meters or less and length of 15 meters or less can be accepted by shipping companies.